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Career Awards for Medical Scientists (CAMS)

Summary: *$700,000 Limited funding opportunity for physician scientists to bridge advanced postdoctoral fellowship training (including Instructors) and the early years of faculty service--an internal selection process is required.
See Stanford eligibility clarification below >>

This webpage contains the 2014 internal selection process for your reference only. A separate announcement will be distributed in 2015.

Note: this is the second of two postdoc-to-faculty transition awards offered by BWF. The other program, for candidates who hold a Ph.D. degree in one of the fields of mathematics, physics, chemistry, computer science, statistics, or engineering, the $500K BWF Career Awards at the Scientific Interface, permits unlimited pre-proposals for it's Sept. 1, 2014 deadline:   more >>


Internal Deadline: Monday, Aug. 4, 2014, 4 p.m. (see internal submission guidelines below)
Sponsor: Oct. 1, 2014
Finalists selected: Early Feb. 2015
In person interviews: March 18-19, 2015
Start date of funding: Sept. 1, 2015

Sponsor's website:
Before you review the sponsor's website, please read the eligibility guidelines in this email because they include special Stanford eligibility clarification.


Grant recipients:
There were two Stanford Instructors selected as recipients in 2012


# of applicants: up to 5 (or 6*)
*BWF encourages institutions to nominate women and underrepresented minorities. If a woman or underrepresented minority is nominated within the initial five candidates, a sixth candidate may be nominated provided that candidate is a woman or underrepresented minority (i.e., African American, Hispanic, or Native American).

Amount of funding:

$700,000 over 5 years to bridge advanced postdoctoral/fellowship training (a maximum of two years) and the early years of faculty service. Indirect costs may not be charged against BWF grants.
Overview of funding: more >>

Program Background

The Career Awards for Medical Scientists (CAMS) program is the result of the reformulation of the Career Awards in the Biomedical Sciences (CABS) by the Burroughs Wellcome Fund (BWF). In response to the NIH's Pathway to Independence Awards (K99/R00) awards, BWF has shifted the focus of the CABS program to address the on-going problem of increasing the number of physician scientists and keeping clinician/scientist trainees in research. BWF believes that this bridging award, supporting the last year(s) of a mentored position in addition to supporting the beginning years of an independent position, will facilitate the transition to a career in research and buy time from service commitments typically required in early investigator years. The Career Awards for Medical Scientists (CAMS) program provides $700,000 over five years to bridge advanced postdoctoral/fellowship training (including Instructors) and the early years of faculty service.


Important---please read all of terms, conditions and information on the program guidelines available on the sponsor's website.

Internal Submission Guidelines

By Monday, August 4, 2014, 4 p.m., please submit one PDF file containing the following in the order listed below to:

Jeanne Heschele
Research Management Group

File name: Last name_BWF_CAMS.pdf

Note: you do not have to generate a PDRF form, prepare a budget or submit your internal proposals through your institutional representative (RPM in RMG). Please follow these instructions below.

1. Title page
Burroughs Wellcome Fund Career Awards for Medical Scientists (CAMS)
Project title
Name of candidate, title, department, address, email and phone number
Citizenship status:

2. Nomination letter printed on your department letterhead and addressed to Dr. Peter Sarnow and the School of Medicine Awards Committee, prepared by and signed by candidate's mentor, and co-signed by the division chief or your department chair. This letter must also address that you will be permitted to devote 75 percent of your time to research-related activities. (This letter is for the Stanford internal selection use only, and will not part of final application.)
NOTE--Please initiate your request for your nomination letter as early as possible given the demanding schedules of your mentor, division chief and department chair.

3. Personal statement (one page)
Describe your activities and interests outside of science to give the internal review committee and ultimately, if you are selected, the CAMS review committee, a sense of your individuality beyond your scientific accomplishments

4. Research plan (no more than six pages, including figures, tables, graphs.) The references are not part of the six-page limit.
In the order listed below, the plan should describe:
A. Specific Aims
B. Scope and significance of the postdoctoral research
C. Work you plan for the faculty years.
D. Career objectives, including how the award will help achieve these objectives
Format: Proposals must be single-spaced and single-sided. 1/2 inch margins, Arial or Helvetica font size 11 or larger. Do not include copies of articles, abstracts or any documents not requested in these guidelines.

5. CV (no more than 3 pages) Per additional clarification received from the sponsor, only the date for the most recent doctoral degree, not the date of the medical residency, is the date used to determine eligibility.

6. Other support (list both current and pending grants with sponsor, term, amount of funding)

(*Please do not complete a full application for the internal deadline. Only the final candidates ultimately selected to represent the university will have to complete full applications for the sponsor's Oct. 1, 2014 deadline. FYI: the personal statement and research plan internal submission requirements are identical to the sponsor's guidelines.)

Selection process:
Your packets will be distributed to the School of Medicine Awards Committee members who will select the 5 or 6 applicants to represent the university by the sponsor's Oct. 1, 2014 deadline.




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